Tuesday, September 27, 2005


(Message to Ruud Janssen)

Yes. As a member of the "older [mailart] generation"
I do feel that I have been "left in the dust," but
then there is a certain crusty, curmugeonly, Luddite
pride as I say that.

Still, somehow I have managed to acquire a Blogspot
account... which happened almost by accident in
wanting to communicate with YOU!

I agree with Planet Dada that there is nothing like
getting "something tactile in the mail." But I
disagree that email is "cheaper and less time
consuming." Is a $1000.00 computer system cheaper
than a 37 cent stamp? And what about the time it takes
to master the technology? There are those of us still
on the lower end of the class and economic spectrum
who cannot afford our own computers OR the monthly
internet bill for private hookup and are consigned to
public libraries with crowds and bright lights and
waiting lists and time limits. Not exactly conducive
to creative process.

On the other hand I love to cut and paste by
candlelight with atmospheric music in a private alcove
in my room in the middle of the night.

Still.... as the gray hairs continue to sprout... mail
art does take up time. Time that I may not be quite
as willing to spend, now, as I sit and contemplate
human mortality and the ephemeral nature of corporeal

Well. Keep smiling, y'all.

PS Ruud: How does one become a member of IUOMA?
Please email me at holtzholtzholtz@yahoo.com.

And you are doing a terrific job. Thanks.


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9/22/2005 03:53:52 AM