Friday, June 10, 2005

R.I.P., Dear!

The Bern Porter memorial mail art show is finally here! Behold the press release!

The editorial staff of Bern Porter International, a local newsletter of worldwide fame, have assembled a memorial art show in honor of the late BERN PORTER, government scientist, research physicist, Belfast presence, poet, publisher, and artist. The show, "R.I.P., Dear: A Mail Art Tribute to Bern Porter", was announced as an international call for submissions late last fall. The results, truly, are all over the map! Pieces of bona fide and ex tempore MAIL ART, sent in tribute by through-the-mails artists all over the world, will be on display in the lobby of the Belfast Free Library from Wednesday, June 15th to Thursday, June 30th. Come and commemorate with Eye and with Brain — during regular library hours. Come find the founds that have found their way. Children and savages welcome.


Blogger sheilaholtz said...

Dear Jacob: YAHOO!!! I know there must be a way for you to be able to post on the blog under your own name. I have not had the time or inclination to sit down and figure these things out. Meanwhile: I LOVE IT!! "Come find the founds that have found their way." TOO COOL!! As bern always used to say, "You're doing a terrific job, Dear! Keep it up! Keep it up!" Love, Sheila. PS: Bern's etheric presence will make a special trip from The Plasma on June 15 to offer blessings to the show! I have it on highest authority!

June 10, 2005 at 9:52 AM  

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